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The School Day

School Hours

The instructional school day begins promptly at 8:20am, but we encourage students to arrive no later than 8:00am to eat breakfast with their classmates. All MAS students are entitled to free breakfast every day, with no eligibility requirements. Parents may also drop their students off as early as 7:00am for our free before-school program.

The last bell rings at 4:10pm, and all students are dismissed for the day. They make their way to the bus, the parent pickup area, or our free after-school program, which lasts until 6:00pm. Students who stay for the after-school program will also receive a free meal. We ask that parents who have students attending the after-school program not pick students up until between 3:40pm and 6:00pm. While students do not have to stay in the after-school program for the duration of the program, we do ask that families not arrive to pick students up from the after-school program until at least 3:40pm so that we have time to allow our regular dismissal process to end. 

Both our Yale and Old Coors sites offer free before- and after-school programs.

We ask that any parents of elementary students who have changes to their usual after-school plan, barring emergencies, notify their site's front desk by 2:00pm so we can communicate with teachers and ensure the student is ready on time and sent to the correct pick up location.

Bell Schedule

Beginning in kindergarten, our students change classes approximately every 90 minutes. You can find more information about our elementary, middle, and high school schedules in the bell schedule below.