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At MAS, all students PreK-12 wear uniforms for important reasons. Uniforms foster a sense of school unity and pride, remove a distraction to help students focus on learning instead of their appearance, and ultimately promote an environment that is centered on education. To that end, MAS provides three uniform shirts (two short-sleeve and one long-sleeve) and one sweatshirt, free of charge to all students at the start of the school year.

Students wear their uniform every school day, and to all school-sponsored events. Students may also earn schoolwide dress-down days when they and their peers maintain a 95% attendance rate for the monthan accomplishment that deserves a reward!

Our Uniforms

– Bottoms: black pants, stretch pants/leggings, capris, skirts, or shorts (no jeans, sweatpants, or athletic shorts, no stripes or designs allowed on pants). Bottoms can be purchased at any store.
– Tops: red long-sleeve polo, short-sleeve polo, or sweatshirt, all with MAS embroidered on the shirt. 

Purchasing Additional Uniform Pieces

To purchase more uniforms, please call 505-821-2777 at Graphic Connections,                                                              or visit the online store by following the link below: