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Our Mission

Our mission at MAS is to prepare students to be successful in college and in life by providing a rigorous college preparatory program in a safe and effective learning environment. Our primary objective is to instill in our students a commitment to high academic achievement, continual goal setting, and principles of personal success.

We believe that all children, regardless of race, economic status, or past educational experiences can succeed if they have access to a great education. Providing a great education means surrounding students with a team of dedicated, passionate, and highly effective educators who embrace a "no excuses, whatever it takes" attitude to ensure that our students not only earn a high school diploma, but possess the skills to experience success in college and in life.  

We also know that academics alone will not ensure student success.  Instead, students need to be explicitly taught principles of success, like how to set goals and achieve them, and how to put these principles to work in their daily lives. When students are immersed in a highly rigorous academic program coupled with the explicit instruction in success principles, students are truly prepared to succeed in college and in life.