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Administration and Support Staff

Senior Leadership


CEO/Founder JoAnn Mitchell – [email protected]  

VP Of Learning and Development - Natalie Rubio - [email protected]

Chief Academic Officer - Josh Harrelson - [email protected]

Chief of Schools - Sherrye Hubbard – [email protected]
Director of Program Completion and Compliance - Kathy McClendon - [email protected]
Director of Classroom Management & Culture - Steven Falduto - [email protected]
Director of Special Education - Erik Foster - [email protected]
Director of Early Literacy-  Allysha White - [email protected] 
Director of English Language Arts - Amanda Kayte - [email protected]


Operations Senior Leadership


Director of Facilities and Safety - Marty Murphy - [email protected]

Director of Human Resources & Payroll - Angela Salas - [email protected] 

Director of School Operations - Jennifer Felix - [email protected] 

Director of Student Attendance - Jessica Hudson- [email protected]




Operations Support Staff


Human Resources & Payroll Specialist - Diana Marquez - [email protected]

Operations & Facilities Support Specialist - Daniel Payan - [email protected]

Operations & Facilities Support Specialist - Jay Rake - [email protected] 

Purchasing & Records Specialist - Xavier Visage - [email protected]

Student Assessment Data Manager & District Afterschool Coordinator - Renyl Monteclaro - [email protected] 

Yale Bilingual Administrative Support Specialist - Lyanne Sosa- [email protected]

Old Coors Bilingual Administrative Support Specialist - Anahi Gutierrez- [email protected]

Yale Bilingual Administrative Executive - Sandra Rivas - [email protected]
Old Coors Bilingual Administrative Executive - Angelica Felix- [email protected]

School Leaders

Yale Elementary School Leader- Rosa Swonger - [email protected]
Yale High School and Middle School Leader - Janice Julal - [email protected]
Old Coors Elementary School Leader- Angel Kirby- [email protected]
Old Coors Middle School Leader - James Boshart - [email protected]

Academic Instructional Coaches


Old Coors & Yale Elementary Reading & Science Coach - Hezel Orabao - [email protected] 

Old Coors & Yale Secondary Reading Coach - Elizabeth Chapman - [email protected] 

Old Coors & Yale Secondary Science Coach - Jelford Teves - [email protected]

Yale Elementary Math Coach - Denisha Sanchez - [email protected]



College and Career Counselors

College & Career Counselor 9th & 11th Grade - Aaliyah Garcia - [email protected]

College & Career Counselor 9th & 12th Grade - Charlotte Romero - [email protected] 


After School Coordinators


Old Coors After School Coordinator - Betty Dubois - [email protected]

Yale After School Coordinator - Tonikah Edwards - [email protected]




Old Coors Custodian - Victor Rivera – [email protected]

Old Coors Custodian - Carlos Robles - [email protected]

Old Coors Custodian - David Trujillo – [email protected] 

Yale Custodian - Abel Abeyta - [email protected] 

Yale Custodian - Brian Catigbe - [email protected] 

Yale Custodian - Joe Nabarrette - [email protected] 


Student Support Services


ELL Coordinator - Leandra Cook-Woods - [email protected] 

New Student Testing Coordinator - Pam Janes - [email protected]

Social Worker/Homeless Liaison - Lori Granado – [email protected]

IEP Specialist - Jennifer Cresap - [email protected]

IEP Specialist - Cliff Chen- [email protected]

IEP Specialist - Alfred Amaya- [email protected]

IEP Specialist - Manickam Andal- [email protected]