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MAS 2.0 Old Coors Campus

MAS 2.0 Old Coors Campus was approved for commencement of operations for the 2018-2019 school year and was the first charter school in the state of New Mexico to be replicated!  MAS' growing waitlist in an excess of 1,000 students generated the urgency for MAS' governing board, founder, leadership team, and stakeholders to consider replication of our charter.  As a result, MAS submitted a charter school amendment to the Public Education Commission (PEC) to consider replicating our charter.  This was an unprecedented decision because never in history had a charter school been replicated in New Mexico, but on November 17, 2017, MAS Charter School blazed a path of new and expanded opportunities for New Mexico students, as the PEC approved MAS Charter School to replicate and open a second campus!
Our Old Coors Campus is located on 16 acres of land, and our plans include a state-of-the-art facility to provide students not only the highest quality education, but education in a cutting edge facility! Our Old Coors Campus opened in the 2018-2019 school year with grades K-1, and we will continue to "scale up" until we offer the full range of grades K-12.  Listed below is our expansion plan for this campus:
2019-2020 School Year: Grades K-3
2020-2021 School Year: Grades K-5
2021-2022 School Year: Grades K-6
2022-2023 School Year: Grades K-7
2023-2024 School Year: Grades K-8
2024-2025 School Year: Grades K-9
2025-2026 School Year: Grades K-10
2026-2027 School Year: Grades K-11
2027-2028 School Year: Grades K-12