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MAS Sports Center

Our Sports Currently in Session

Our Sports Currently in Session:
 Co-Ed Cheer/Dance Team (Grades 5-12)
 Co-Ed Cross Country (Grades 5-12)
 High School Co-Ed Soccer (Grades 9-12)
 Middle School Girl's Basketball (Grades 6-8)
 Middle School Boy's Basketball (Grades 6-8)

Sports FAQs

How can I join a team?

Opportunities for sports sign up occur throughout the school year, depending on the season. Sign ups occur during student weekly grade level huddles. Communication for sign ups is also sent out to parents prior to the start of each season. Once students join a sports team they must maintain a 2.0 GPA and follow the Albuquerque Charter School League handbook and school related policies and procedures. 

How does practice work?

At the end of the school day, students will be dismissed to their perspective after school room with their coach,  where they'll sit down for dinner with students in the free after-school program. After that, they'll move to the gym or perspective practice area to begin practice. Most practices will end by 6:00 pm, so parents with students in the after-school program can pick up their students together.

What should I bring to practice?

Depending on the activity, students should plan to bring comfortable athletic clothing that's appropriate for the sport and the weather. They should also wear appropriate athletic shoes and bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated.

What if I miss practice?

Coaches will share their practice attendance policies with their teams during the first few meetings for tryouts and practice. These policies may vary from sport to sport, but some teams may require attendance at practice in order to play in team games to avoid injuries.

When and where are games?

Once team rosters have been established and sports calendars have been set, we'll update this page with more links to game schedules. We will also communicate scheduled game times and locations with families through automated phone messages. Students are responsible for their transportation to away games as MAS does not have activity buses for sports or other extracurricular activities.

Our Sports Program

MAS offers a variety of sports activities for students in grades 5-12. The following are
some of our offerings:
 Co-Ed Cheer/Dance Team (Grades 5-12)
 Co-Ed Cross Country (Grades 5-12)
 Middle School Co-Ed Flag Football (Grades 6-8)
 Middle School Co-Ed Soccer (Grades 6-8)
 High School Co-Ed Soccer (Grades 9-12)
 Co-Ed Track and Field (Grades 5-12)
 Middle School Girl's Basketball (Grades 6-8)
 Middle School Boy's Basketball (Grades 6-8)
 High School Girl's and Boy's Basketball (Grades 9-12)
 Middle School Girl's Volleyball (Grades 6-8)
 Middle School Boy's Volleyball (Grades 6-8)
 High School Girl's Volleyball (Grades 9-12)
 High School Boy's Volleyball (Grades 9-12)

For more information about our athletic offerings, please contact our Athletic
Director, Tre Haynes at [email protected]