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Our Results

  2nd Grade Reading 
4th Grade English Language Arts 
8th Grade English Language Arts 
5th Grade Math  8th Grade Science
MAS Charter School 77% 46% 78% 45% 46%
State of NM 25% 36% 44% 31% 29%

At MAS, we are closing the gap in student achievement among students who typically are given less opportunity.  We are closing gap with students of minority, students with disabilities, those who are economically disadvantaged and those who are English Learners 

                                                 How we compare to Albuquerque Public Schools                                                             MAS is higher in each category on average for all tested grades (3-8)

  ELA Math
Minority 12% higher 12% higher
Students with Disabilities  9% higher 7% higher
Economically Disadvantaged 14% higher 13% higher
English Learners 13% higher 14% higher
How we compare to six APS schools with similar demographics 
  ELA Math
Minority 27% higher 23% higher
Students with Disabilities  14% higher 11% higher
Economically Disadvantaged 24% higher 20% higher
English Learners 18% higher 18% higher