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Student Admissions Grades K-12


Because Mission Achievement and Success is a free and public charter school, there are no admissions requirements or interviews, and there are no admissions or tuition fees.

Our K-12 college preparatory program is open to any student desiring to be college bound, regardless of current or past academic performance. We serve all students, including students with disabilities, English learners, and gifted students. This 2019-2020 school year, we serve students in grades PreK-12 at our 1718 Yale Boulevard location and grades K-3 at our 1255 Old Coors Drive location. We will continue to add one to two grade levels each year until we offer the full spectrum of grades K-12 at our Old Coors location as well.

The Lottery

All students are admitted through a blind lottery process in accordance with state law. Our lottery is held on the second Friday of April each year. At that time, all applications are considered, but only completed applications received by the day before the lottery will be entered into the lottery. Student applications received after this date will be awarded a seat on a first come, first serve basis, if seats are available. If seats are unavailable, the student will be placed on a waitlist in the order in which their application was received.

During the lottery, if more students apply than spaces are available, the student's name will be placed on a per-grade waitlist, in the order that their name is pulled during the lottery process. If a student accepted through the lottery declines, or when vacancies arise throughout the school year, students will be contacted from the waitlist in the order in which they appear. Parents of students accepted through the lottery or accepted from the waitlist will be notified via telephone and will have five business days from the date of the call to register their child, or make arrangements for registration. If parents take no action within five business days, they forfeit the opportunity to enroll their child.

MAS has 64 seats per grade at the elementary level and 120 seats per grade at the middle and high school level. Each year, our lottery is conducted to fill all 64 seats in kindergarten and available seats in all other grades; the number of available seats in other grades will vary from year to year based on the number of students that do not re-enroll at MAS. Once a student has been admitted to MAS through the lottery, the student does not need to re-apply to keep their seat unless they disenroll and seek to re-enroll at a later date.

The Sibling Rule at MAS

New Mexico state statute has a sibling rule for charter school students that indicates that if a child currently attends a charter school, the incoming sibling can bypass the lottery process and is automatically awarded a seat. However, demand for our limited seats at MAS has necessitated siblings go into the lottery as well. This means that current students' siblings get preference for some available seats, but may still be waitlisted if there are more siblings seeking to enroll than there are available seats. When that happens, siblings are put into the regular blind lottery, but are added to the waitlist above new students in the order their names are pulled. They may then enroll in that order as seats become available.

Note: "currently attends” refers to students enrolled during the previous academic year. A preference is not provided for students whose sibling was admitted through the lottery for the current academic year, but instead for siblings of students already enrolled and now returning to MAS.

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