MAS Featured Student – Gabriel Tennyson

Most of us know the importance of getting a good education in life, but often we don’t acknowledge the role of teachers in encouraging students to persevere and succeed in the face of challenges, steering them in the right direction toward successful adult life. Our featured MAS student, Senior Gabriel Tennyson, says that the teachers at MAS have made all the difference in his educational journey, saying “they don’t give up on us.” 

When he started at MAS as a sixth-grader, he was hesitant about school as he struggled in academics, especially with reading. This persistence and caring by teachers, as well as his parents, is what Gabriel credits with moving from a beginning level Lexile of 87 upon enrollment to a Lexile over a 1,000, and for his love of math, especially algebra. 

Gabriel admits that his junior year during Covid was challenging as he had to transition to online learning.  He learned to focus on his schoolwork and limit his screen time. According to Gabriel, playing on the MAS basketball team has been one of the highlights of his time at MAS. He says an exceptionally positive moment was the recent event that highlighted the hard work and talents of the senior basketball players, where his friends and family came to celebrate his success on the team.

Gabriel’s hard work, combined with the encouragement of his teachers, has paid off. He has and continues to take dual college credit courses at CNM including English, Public Speaking, and Psychology. After he graduates in May, he will spend the summer getting ready for college in the fall; he just got accepted to the University of New Mexico, where he plans to study mechanical engineering.

Congratulations Gabriel! We’re proud of your achievements while at MAS.