2020/2021 School Year Ends with Many Senior Successes

2020/2021 School Year Ends with Many Senior Successes

The 2020/2021 school year is officially over, and we are proud to report that our school and its students continued to thrive despite the many challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 2021 MAS senior class continued the successful traditions of previous senior classes. 

  • 100% of our seniors graduated!
  • Approximately 50% of our graduating seniors were the first in their family to graduate high school.
  • This senior class has taken more dual credit classes than any class previously.
    • 100% of our graduating seniors have made post-graduation plans to continue their training and education for future careers.
    • 67 graduates already have commitments to go to college.
      • 45 will be going to the University of New Mexico, 1 to New Mexico State University, and 21 to CNM.
    • 8 graduates have commitments to go to out-of-state schools including Michigan, Tennessee, and Colorado. This is the most out-of-state college commitments ever by a senior class at MAS. (Many colleges have moved back their acceptance deadlines this year due to the pandemic.)
    • 8 graduates are entering military service including Air Force, Marines, and Army.

See our Facebook page for recognition postings of each 2021 MAS Senior Graduate

Grad 2021  Grad2021
We celebrated the members of the MAS 2021 senior class with two events that kept our commitment to keeping students and families safe – the Senior Parade and Graduation Day.

Senior Parade on May 28 — Families and students had a “drive through” experience at our Yale Campus where students received a yard sign with their cap and gown photo, a photo opportunity, and a received a gift bag from the MAS PreK students. For those of you who drive down Yale Blvd., you may have noticed that we hung a large poster of every MAS graduate in their cap and gown along our parking lot on the west side of the street.

Graduation Day on June 5 — Despite the inclement weather, MAS celebrated our seniors with an outdoor graduation ceremony at our Old Coors campus. Families decorated their vehicles to celebrate their senior! We had a live DJ and an outdoor movie size screen to honor our seniors with a celebratory video celebrating their life from birth until now for each senior.

Instilling Success
Our mission at MAS is to prepare students to be successful in college and in life by providing a rigorous college preparatory program in a safe and effective learning environment. Our primary objective is to instill in our students a commitment to high academic achievement, continual goal setting, and principles of personal success.


Access to Healthy Food Improves Student Success

Our approach to education is to focus on all areas that contribute to a student’s academic success and the availability to nutritious food is a big part of that focus. All of our MAS students eat for free each day—breakfast, lunch, and an after-school meal if students participate in our after-school program. Additionally, our elementary students receive a daily afternoon snack, all free of charge. MAS also works with the Roadrunner Food Bank to provide healthy foods to families once a month.

Why do we commit to many resources to help our students get access to healthy food? A USDA study revealed that over 80 percent of households with very low food security report cutting the size and frequency of meals or skipping meals altogether, contributing to being a major source of stress for children. Food security is fundamental to a child’s ability to succeed in school. Because students spend much of their time at school, school provides an opportunity for them to receive at least two meals a day get much of their physical activity at school.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and the American Youth Policy Forum, the amount, availability, and quality of food all affect children’s physical and mental health, as well as their brain development. These impacts are numerous, including:
  • Healthy students are better on all levels of academic achievement: academic performance, education behavior, and cognitive skills and attitudes. Children who grow up in food insecure households often lag behind their food-secure peers in terms of cognitive, emotional, and physical development.
  • Research indicates that food-insecure children are almost twice as likely to be in fair or poor health when compared to food-secure children and are significantly more likely to be hospitalized.
  • Mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems among children increase as food insecurity increases. By the time they are teenagers, food-insecure children are twice as likely as their peers to have seen a psychologist or to have been suspended.
  • Children from homes with persistent food insecurity have shown smaller gains in both reading and math than their food-secure counterparts and food insecurity has been shown to reduce a child’s chances of graduating from high school.
  • Investing in the health of students contributes to healthy communities in the future Research shows that workers who experienced hunger as children are not as well prepared physically, mentally, emotionally or socially to perform effectively in the contemporary workforce.
Access to Food   Access to Food
Access to Food   Access to Food

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: James Villalobos

James Villalobos, who has attended MAS since 6th grade and will start his senior year in this fall, is described by teachers at the school as a kid who “always does the right thing,” and “the most positive kid I’ve ever seen.”

James, who has perfect attendance, says math and science have been his favorite subjects at MAS. He has very much appreciated the support from teachers at MAS, saying that teachers helped him improve his reading and writing skills readying him to go to college. “A couple of teachers really motivated me to stay on top of my work and to not get distracted,” he said.

James has always had a goal of taking over his father’s plumbing business and is already working toward a plumbing certification from CNM. James loves zombies and rabbits and is an exemplary family member, always helping work on his family’s farm.  

We look forward to seeing what James accomplishes in the future!

Join MAS

We Have Openings for New Students!

Do you know of a family looking for a new school where their children can succeed?  

MAS may just be that school. In the 2021-2022 school year, we anticipate offering approximately 350 new seats in total at both our Yale and Old Coors campus. We serve all students, including students with disabilities, English learners, gifted students, regardless of their current of past academic performance. If seats are unavailable, students will be placed on a waiting list in the order they are received. 

Visit our on-line application at https://mascharterschool.schoolmint.net/signup.  
You can also contact us by phone at 505-242-3118 or by email at [email protected].


Other MAS News

MAS Founder and CEO JoAnn Mitchell has been featured on several webcasts lately, explaining her founding philosophy behind offering quality education at MAS and describing some of the challenges she experienced when she started MAS. See her on Cafecito con Colón

She also spoke in this year’s “Charter School Profiles in Courage” webinar titled “Against All Odds, Brick and Mortar Charter Schools Open for Learning,” sharing success stories and best practices about returning students to an open schoolhouse during COVID-19 times. Watch on YouTube

MAS is participating in a Public Education Department summer program, offering kids in grades K through 6 the opportunity for remediation, acceleration and the prevention of summer academic slide.  We have more than 300 kids participating in the program, which runs Monday through Friday, plus three Saturdays. MAS is ensuring the summer program has a heavy focus on reading and math as well as plenty of opportunities for fun!

MAS is excited to announce that we will have a new design for our Coors facility, will open its doors in 2022! Check out these architectural renderings of the planned new Coors campus.
Coors Campus   Coors Campus

MAS Wish List

MAS Charter School occasionally has needs for outside contributions to help us serve our students. We still need resources for new teachers who have moved here from other locations, including international J1 Visa teachers. Some of our teachers are not only new to MAS, but they are also new to our community and country. We have various needs for these teachers including a used vehicle for transportation to and from school, furniture and other household supplies.
Can you make a donation or know of a community partner that can help?  Let us know by contacting us at 505-242-3118.