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Release: 03.08.2021

Our mission at MAS is to prepare students to be successful in college and in life by providing a rigorous college preparatory program in a safe and effective learning environment. Our primary objective is to instill in our students a commitment to high academic achievement, continual goal setting, and principles of personal success.

Our Yale campus opened in 2012 with just 100 students and we now serve more than 1,700 students. Most of our students (more than 85 percent) come from economically disadvantaged families, and on average, 85 to 90 percent of our incoming students are not on grade level in reading and math upon initial enrollment to MAS Charter.

Our approach, which has proven successful, is to provide a nurturing but highly structured and rigorous academic environment that focuses on the “whole child” concept. We provide many of the support services children and their families need to ensure success in a school environment.  

In the 2017-2018 school year, MAS graduated our first class of high school graduates with successes that we continue to duplicate, including:

  • 100% of our seniors graduated!
  • 50% of our graduating seniors were the first in their family to graduate high school!
  • 100% of our graduating seniors were accepted into college or the military!

We continue to have this level of success and as well as consistently continue to have math and reading test scores that are considerably above the state average.

Please take some time to visit our website. We look forward to sharing our school updates with you in the future!




MAS Continues to Commit to Delivering Quality Education During the COVID19 Epidemic

There is no doubt that COVID 19 has been highly disruptive in our lives, especially for educators, parents, and children. MAS School has taken the pandemic very seriously, balancing protecting the health of our teachers and students and the academic and socioemotional needs of our students.

Since the school year started, MAS been closely following State of New Mexico orders related to virtual and in-person learning. Virtual learning is a challenge for most students, but especially those that come from the populations we primarily serve. We have worked diligently to follow up with families and students to provide them with computers, encourage full attendance and check in on their emotional status, while at the same time, opening our classrooms as soon as we were allowed to do so. MAS is proud to share that we opened our schools for students to return for in person learning on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the earliest date we allowed to do so, all while following the parameters provided to us to safely serve as many students for in-person learning.

MAS staff, teachers, and administration have been relentless in our pursuit of providing excellent education to students through the pandemic, offering a hybrid of in-person learning coupled with online learning simultaneously. MAS teachers are live-streaming classes for remote students at the same time they are teaching in-person classes. The commitment to our students is very transparent as MAS continues to embrace our “no excuses, whatever it takes” attitude to ensure student learning and success despite a pandemic. We look forward to bringing 100% of our students back in the classroom where they do their best learning and receive the many support services that MAS offers.


Why are the benefits of in-school learning?

A significant amount of research shows that young children and teenagers fall behind by not being in the classroom. According to McKinsey & Company's analysis last spring, when all of the impacts are taken into account, the average student was anticipated to fall seven months behind academically just last year. Black and Hispanic students were anticipated to experience even greater more significant learning losses, equivalent to 10 months for black children and nine months for Latino children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has stressed that schools need to return to in-person learning for the healthy development and well-being of children.

Not only do students struggle with access to technology to attend virtual classes, they often lack the structure and support at home that they need to focus on their learning. Schools serve as a place to learn; in addition to academics, many schools help students learn much needed social and emotional skills, serve as safe places while parents are working, and get healthy meals and other vital services.

MAS Charter School’s “whole child” approach to serving our students provides an entire support structure for students and their families. Our students receive three healthy meals a day, socioemotional learning, medical services including dental clinics and immunization clinics, free school uniforms and school supplies and more.


What safeguards are we taking during in-class learning?

MAS Charter School closely follows Centers for Disease Control and New Mexico Public Education Department guidelines for schools. The policy includes:

  • Students, teachers, and staff must wear masks 100 percent of the time, except during meals. Additional masks are kept available in the front office and nurse’s office for anyone who needs one.
  • All staff and teachers must have their temperatures taken each morning. While not required by the State of New Mexico, MAS is committed to ensuring safe in-person learning and as a result, 100% of MAS students have their temperatures checked upon arrival each morning!
  • Classrooms have been configured for social distancing and social distancing is required for all staff and students all the time.
  • Students must stay in the same classroom all day, normally our student's transition classes starting in kindergarten, but to ensure safety for all, we have modified our entire school schedule to accommodate for students to stay in one location, all day, including during breakfast and lunch.
  • 10 percent of teachers and staff are COVID tested each week.
  • All classrooms and common areas are sanitized consistently throughout the day. We also contract with cleaning services to deep clean and sanitize each night.  
  • The number of students is limited on all busses and students must wear masks on the bus during transit.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the building.
  • Certain social gathering areas within the building are closed off.
  • No use of public water fountains.
Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Kieran Rotheneder

We will be featuring a MAS student in each issue of our newsletter. Our first featured student is 11th grader Kieran Rotheneder, who has continued to succeed in quarantine, earning A's in high school, completing college dual credit classes, all while also maintaining a 3.3 GPA!

Kieran was nominated to be featured by Assistant High School Principal Jennifer Prye. "Kieran is a highly capable young scholar with an insane work ethic and expectations for himself and others. I have watched Kieran choose to make Covid-19 and the shutdown work to his advantage. While learning to learn at home, he earned an A (100%) in a college history class. He has exceptional leadership skills and far exceeds our MAS "No Excuses, Only Results" mentality,” said Prye.

Kieran chose to start attending MAS in 6th grade because he felt that the school had a special dedication to teaching its students. He has been pleased with his experience at the school, saying that he likes the way the school gives work that challenges students for academic growth, even if students struggle with the work at first.

Kieran doesn’t have a favorite subject because he likes to explore new areas where he can grow. However, he gave a shout out to his math teacher this year, Mr. Boshart, who he says explains math in a way that no teacher ever had before. Kieran’s overall academic goal is to improve how he prepares for tests to help him increase his future test scores.

How has he coped during the COVID pandemic? Though he has been successful at maintaining good grades, Kieran admits that it was difficult at first, while he balanced doing schoolwork, watching television, sleeping and relaxing all in the same room. He found some new hobbies and also found a variety of online tools that he could use during class that helped him visualize the concepts that the teachers were teaching.

Assistant Principal Prye is very optimistic about Kieran’s future, saying “When I think of that model student who has made the smart choices and uses the tools we give him here at MAS, I think of Kieran. I am super proud of him and very excited to see all he can accomplish in his upcoming senior year!”

Kieran’s plans for the future are to attend college and obtain a degree in coding.
“My biggest accomplishment at MAS has been my ability to catch up on lost years of education that I thought I would never get back.”
Kieran Rotheneder


New Student Enrollment

We Have Openings for New Students!

Do you know of a family looking for a new school where their children can succeed?  

MAS may just be that school. We anticipate offering approximately 350 new seats in the 2021-2022 school year at both our Yale and Old Coors campus. We serve all students, including students with disabilities, English learners, and gifted students, regardless of their current of past academic performance.

State law mandates that students be admitted through a blind lottery process which will be held on Friday, April 9 of this year. If seats are unavailable, students will be placed on a waiting list in the order that they are received.  

Visit our online application at https://mascharterschool.schoolmint.net/signup.  
You can also contact us by phone at 505-242-3118 or by email at [email protected].


MAS Wish List

MAS Wish List

MAS Charter School occasionally has needs for outside contributions to help us serve our students. We currently have two needs, including the following:

  • Composition notebooks for notetaking for our dual credit students. Students who are working remotely also have a need for notebooks as they are required to show their work for classes like chemistry, physics, and all math.
  • Resources for our new J1 Visa teachers who have moved here in January of 2021 from other countries to be part of our success! Being new to the country, new to the community, and new to MAS, there is a myriad of needs that they have including a used vehicle for transportation to and from school, furniture, and other household supplies.  
Can you make a donation or know of a community partner that can help? 
Let us know by contacting us at 505-242-3118 ext. 125 and speak to Jay Rake, MAS’ Talent and Recruitment Specialist.