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Our Staff

Leadership Team

JoAnn Mitchell – Founder/Executive Director/Principal - [email protected]

Kathy McClendon – Assistant Principal – [email protected]

Jordan Franco – Assistant Principal – [email protected]

Rosa Swonger – Assistant Principal – [email protected]

Jenn Peña – Special Education Director – [email protected]

Josh Harrelson – Lead Instructional Coach/Math I Coach – [email protected]

Belinda East – Elementary Reading Mastery Coach – [email protected]

Angela Murray – Math 180 Coach/Science Coach/SAT Coordinator – [email protected]

Cassandra Sims – ELA Instructional Coach – [email protected]

Natalie Tillman – Wit & Wisdom Reading Coach – [email protected]

Office Staff

Jennifer Felix – Human Resources Manager – [email protected]

Elena Felix – Old Coors Bilingual Secretary – [email protected]

Briseida Holguin – Bilingual Secretary – [email protected]

Nikole Mitchell - Operations Support Specialist - [email protected]

Sandra Rivas – Bilingual Attendance & Enrollment Secretary – [email protected]

Jocelyne Ramirez Rivas - Bilingual Administrative Assistant - [email protected] 

Andrea Romero – Data Manager/Purchasing Manager – [email protected]

Student Support Services

Amanda Bruder - In-House Substitute - [email protected]

Leon Castille - In-House Substitute - [email protected] 

Leandra Cook-Woods – ELL Coordinator – [email protected]

Joaquin Cordova - In-House Substitute - [email protected] 

Perla Enriquez – In-House Substitute – [email protected]

Roslynn Gallegos – School Social Worker/Homeless Liaison – [email protected]

Lori Granado – Elementary Attendance & Truancy Coach/Social Worker/Homeless Liaison – [email protected]

Lawrence Jackson – Middle School Attendance & Truancy Coach/After-School Coordinator – [email protected]

Tasha Multine – College & Career Counselor (Grades 9-10) – [email protected]

Devon Myers – Dean of Student Discipline – [email protected]

Shannon Richardson – IEP Specialist – [email protected]

Charlotte Romero – College & Career Counselor (Grades 11-12) – [email protected]

Bill Sharp – Dean of Student Culture – [email protected]


Instructional Team

Elementary Teachers (Yale Campus)

Shana Anaya – 4th/5th Grade Math Teacher – [email protected]

Carolyn Anderson – 4th/5th Grade Art Teacher – [email protected]

Charisma Bhakta – 4th/5th Grade Math Teacher – [email protected]

Emily Bird-Brown - Elementary Reading Mastery Educational Assistant - [email protected]

Julia Burrola – 2nd/3rd Grade Math Teacher – [email protected]

Rebecca Cherrin – K/1st Grade Math Teacher – [email protected]

Alex Cordova – K-3 Physical Education Educational Assistant – [email protected]

Tiffany Cunningham-Rivera – 4th/5th Grade Science Teacher –[email protected]

Oum DuVall – 1st Grade Reading/Language Mastery Teacher – [email protected]

Tonikah Edwards - 2nd Grade Reading Mastery Teacher - [email protected] 

Colleen Gallegos – 2nd/3rd Grade Math Teacher – [email protected]

Caroline Juarez - Kindergarten Reading Intervention - [email protected] 

Alina Hughes – Kindergarten Reading/Language Mastery Teacher – [email protected]

Pam Janes – 2nd Grade Reading Intervention Teacher – [email protected]

Aidan Kiley – 4th/5th Grade Reading Teacher – [email protected]

Megan Larson - 1st Grade Reading Intervention - [email protected] 

Viridiana Lopez-Fernandez – 2nd/3rd Grade Reading Educational Assistant – [email protected]

Diana Marquez – 3rd Grade Reading/Language Mastery Educational Assistant – [email protected]

Sarah Montano - 3rd Grade Reading/Language Mastery Teacher - [email protected] 

Natashya Nettleton – Elementary Reading Intervention Teacher - [email protected] 

Judy Pergola – Elementary Reading Intervention Teacher – [email protected]

Amanda Rodriguez – K/1st Grade Reading Teacher – [email protected]

Kristy Reale – K/1st Grade Math Teacher  – [email protected]

Cesar Rivas - 3rd Grade Reading Intervention - [email protected] 

Denisha Sanchez – Kindergarten Reading/Language Mastery Teacher – [email protected]

Sonny Sapien – 4th/5th Grade Reading Teacher – [email protected]

Shane Sullivan – K/1st Grade Reading Teacher – [email protected]

Bonnie Sumner – K-3 Physical Education Teacher – [email protected]

Cindy Tran – 2nd/3rd Grade Reading Teacher – [email protected]

Irving Valdavez - 4th/5th Grade Reading Teacher - [email protected] 

Xavier Visage – K-3 Music Teacher – [email protected]

Allysha White – 1st Grade Reading/Language Mastery Teacher – [email protected]

Jason Young – K-3 Music Educational Assistant – [email protected]

Elementary Teachers (Old Coors Campus)

Chantelle Burney - K/1st Reading Teacher - [email protected]

Claudia Chavez – Kindergarten Reading/Language Mastery Educational Assistant – [email protected]

Cheyanne Corley - Elementary Reading Intervention - [email protected] 

Kami Hight - 1st Grade Reading/Language Mastery Teacher - [email protected] 

Sarah Javaheripour – 1st Grade Reading/Language Mastery Teacher – [email protected]

Shontysa Joe – Elementary Elective Teacher – [email protected]

Aurora Johnson - 1st Grade Reading Intervention - [email protected] 

Akira Lucero - Kindergarten Reading/Language Mastery Educational Assistant - [email protected] 

Savannah Lucero – K/1st Grade Math Teacher – [email protected]

Eliza Mata – K/1st Grade Reading Teacher – [email protected]

Brittany Miller – Elementary Elective Educational Assistant – [email protected]

Daniel Payan - In-House Substitute - [email protected]

Va Linda Schnieders – K/1st Grade Math Teacher – [email protected]

Jessica Smith - Kindergarten Reading Intervention - [email protected] 

Sina Soul – Elementary Reading Intervention Teacher - [email protected] 

Beverly Trujillo – K/1st Grade Math Teacher – [email protected]

Middle School Teachers

Amy Baker – 6th Grade Reading Teacher – [email protected]

Denise Briscoe – 6th Grade Math I Teacher – [email protected]

Jessica Castiblanco - 6th Grade Reading Teacher - [email protected] 

Feonia Chambers – 6th Grade Math II Teacher – [email protected]

Anthony Chipre - 8th/9th Grade Science Teacher - [email protected] 

Jacob Decimus – 6th Grade Math II Teacher – [email protected]

Omar De La O – 8th/9th Grade Physical Education Teacher – [email protected]

Kathleen Fitzpatrick - 7th Grade Reading Teacher - [email protected] 

Darryl Encino – 7th Grade Math II Teacher – [email protected]

Chris Frazier – 8th/9th Grade Science Teacher – [email protected]

David Gale - 7th Grade Math II Teacher - [email protected]

Steven Hill – 6th/7th Grade Physical Education Teacher – [email protected]

Andrea Lavelle – 7th Grade Math I Teacher - [email protected] 

Angela Leyba – 6th Grade Math I Teacher – [email protected]

Jocelyn Maestas - 7th Grade Reading- [email protected] 

Anne Massie - 7th Grade Math II Teacher - [email protected] 

Janelle Phommahasay – 8th Grade Math II Teacher – [email protected]

Jay Rake – 8th Grade Math II Teacher – [email protected]

Seth Rodgers - 7th Grade Math I Teacher - [email protected] 

Bianca Romero – 8th Grade Reading Teacher – [email protected]

Gabriel Santana – 6th/7th Grade Science Teacher – [email protected]

Gabriel Town – 8th Grade Math I Teacher – [email protected]

Emily vanDyck – 7th Grade Math I Teacher – [email protected]

Andrea Zamora - 8th Grade Reading Teacher - [email protected] 

High School Teachers

Adelle Anderson – 9th Grade Algebra I Teacher  – [email protected]

Paul Baker - 11th/12th Grade AP English Teacher - [email protected]

James Boshart – 11th/12th Grade Algebra II/Pre-Calculus Teacher – [email protected]

Anthony Chipre - 8th/9th Grade Science Teacher - [email protected]

Fredrick Davis – 11th/12th Grade Elective Teacher – [email protected]

Omar De La O – 8th/9th Grade Physical Education Teacher – [email protected]

Carlton Donaghe – High School Social Studies Teacher – [email protected]

Leslie Farmer – 9th Grade Algebra I Teacher – [email protected]

Gabriel Flores – High School Science Teacher – [email protected]

Chris Frazier – 8th/9th Grade Science Teacher – [email protected]

Paul French - 11th/12th Grade Reading Teacher - [email protected] 

Melissa Galetti – High School Social Studies/Health Teacher – [email protected]om

Kristian Garcia – High School Foreign Language Teacher – [email protected]

Melissa Hillenbrand - 9th Grade Reading Teacher - [email protected] 

Kayli Laney - 9th Grade AP English Teacher - [email protected]

Duncan MacIvor – 10th Grade AP English Teacher – [email protected]

Amanda Mansfield – 10th Grade Reading Teacher – [email protected]

Kevin Tsosie – 10th Grade Geometry Teacher – [email protected]