Join us in celebrating the Class of 2021

Please visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for features on members of the Class of 2021. We’re proud of the exceptional performance of this senior class and the commitments they are making for their future.


“This year families have been dealt an exceptionally hard deck with trying to keep kids engaged in school,” said MAS Assistant Principal Jennifer Prye. 


“We’re proud that our seniors have been exceptionally resilient this past year, maintaining a high attendance rate while making plans for their next steps in life.”


The MAS motto of “Zero Excuses…Only Results” does not only apply to successfully getting through classes, it is about a pledge to graduate and making a commitment to a productive future in college, trade school or the military. 


Here are some of the results so far from this year’s senior class:


  • All 68 seniors are on track to graduate.
  • 67 already have commitments to go to college. 45 will be going to the University of New Mexico, 1 to New Mexico State University, and 21 to CNM.
  • 8 have commitments to go to out of state schools including Michigan, Tennessee, and Colorado. This is the most out-of-state college commitments ever by a senior class at MAS. (Many colleges have moved back their acceptance deadlines this year due to the pandemic.)
  • This senior class has taken more dual credit classes than any class previously.
  • 8 are entering military service including Air Force, Marines, and Army.



The last year has been vastly different for the MAS Class of 2021, given the start of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. Classes moved on-line last spring and all in-person activities were cancelled, making it more difficult for seniors to stay in touch.  Many seniors were able to interact with each other by participating in grade level virtual huddles each Friday and also appeared virtually for a senior class photo. The exception was when the senior class was able to take the SAT exams and eat lunch together last fall (all while socially distanced) and when seniors were able to do a “drive through” visit to campus to pick up their final senior semester schedules.


Even with the challenges of the pandemic, MAS staff was able to help students navigate virtual meetings with military recruiters, attending virtual college meetings and tours, and provide assistance with applications and financial forms. A small group of seniors recently returned to the school for in class learning and the remainder of students chose to finish up their year continuing on-line courses.


What will the next couple of months look like for these seniors? 

Seniors will participate in a drive through Senior Signing Event on May 14 to celebrate college and military commitments, followed by a Practice Cap and Gown event on June 4 and graduation on June 5.